Meet the Baxters Team

Kelvin Baxter Photo.jpg
Kelvin Baxter
Managing Director

Kelvin has been involved in the grain transport industry for many years in conjunction with grain farming. He has extensive corporate knowledge and managerial experience and is committed to the transport industries future. Kel has gained a large amount of experience in accumulation to port,  farm to railhead, timed delivery to container packers and deliveries to end users as required.

Stuart McIntosh Photo_edited.jpg
Stuart McIntosh
Operations Manager

Stu came to Baxters Transport in 2008 as a truck driver, previously from a farming background. He was a highly skilled, professional transport operator who decided to move forward with Operations development. He has the exceptional advantage of understanding driver requirements and is able to deliver a very high level of service to customers and drivers.

Julie Parker Photo_edited.jpg
Julie Parker
Senior Operations

Julie manages bookings and online services for Kelvin Baxter Transport. Her position supports the Operations Manager, and she is highly organised and exceptionally efficient in her role. Julie maintains exceptional customer and supplier contact in relation to grain movements.

Hayden Dalitz Photo_edited.jpg
Hayden Dalitz

Hayden plays an important role in the logistics team arranging bookings and truck movements for both Baxters trucks and sub contractors throughout Victoria to ensure a smooth transaction between, drivers, customers and sites. 

Peta Gowans Photo.jpg
Peta Gowans
Administrative Assistant

Peta provides administrative assistance for all fascets of the business. She is at the forefront of Baxter Transport and plays an integral role inducting new drivers.

Jackie Molloy
Accounts Assistant



Jackie handles all the accounts and paperwork involved with each load carried out by Kelvin Baxter transport trucks.

Brooke Mitchell
Accounts Assistant

Brooke supports the operations team, assisting with bookings and truck movements for both Baxters trucks and sub-contractors.

Judith Urrutia
Accounts Assistant



Judith handles all the paperwork involved with each load carried out by Kelvin Baxter Transport Sub-Contractor trucks and supports Steve in accounts.

Fiona Baxter
Compliance Administrator



Fiona manages accreditation and compliance in addition to access and regulatory governance. 

Darren Hustawayte
Workshop Foreman



Darren oversees Kelvin Baxter Transport mechanical staff and supervises all servicing that is conducted in the workshop.

Frank Urrutia
Head Mechanic
Eric Hollywood
Workshop Engineer