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Harvest 2020

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Kelvin Baxter Transport's new Guardian

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Australian Trucking Association Kenworth Legends Lunch 2019

ATA Kenworth Legends Lunch 2019 Kel Baxt
ATA Kenworth Legends Lunch 2019 Kel Baxt

Truck Safe- 20 Years Strong

Longstanding Trucksafe Members Kel Baxte
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Baxters Trucks Head West

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In October 2018, Kelvin Baxter Transport joined the Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme.

We became accredited in all four elements of Western Australia Accreditation:

1. Dimension and Loading

2. Fatigue Management 

3. Mass Management 

4. Maintenance Management 


A fleet of fourteen vehicles ventured on the three day journey to participate in our first Western Australian Harvest. These vehicles included pocket road trains, 36.5m road trains and AB-Triples.

Drivers undertook extensive training, becoming proficient with the automated CBH systems including the use of CDF and ROVER applications. 

We thank the staff at Marley's Transport for their help and support in all regards from the KBT boys. They welcomed us into WA and provided assistance and aditional training as needed.

We also thank the KBT drivers and their families for all their support in this endevour. 

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Baxter Transport trucks waiting to be unloaded at CBH site in Western Australia. Photo courtesy of Marcus at Marleys Transport.

Baxters AB-Triple Features in Demonstration Day

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Owner Driver Magazine September 2018, page 12

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