Take Ten with a Truckie 


1. Nickname: Scotty or Jonesy

2. Favourite Truck: GMC Sierra 2500 or Mack Superliner

3. How long on the job: 40+ years on and off

4. Best commodity to transport: Fresh air or wheat

5. Favourite part about the job: Driving in the country away from the


6. Top truck stop: Aren't any left but BP Jerilderie or Darlington Point 

aren't too bad

7. Favourite food on the road: T-bone and veggies

8. Healthiest food on the road: T-bone and salad

9. Best location to travel in Australia: Across the paddock from NSW to WA

10. Best place to deliver to: CBH Merredin

 Toolbox Talk 

Your Safety Is Our Priority

We encourage all drivers to regularly check their steer tyres as outlined in the KBT Pre-Trip Checklist on your IAP screens

We would like to say a huge thankyou to all the Kelvin Baxter Transport drivers who have called passed the yard in the last few weeks to undertake additional training on various compliance areas.


Drivers willingness to tackle in-depth training contributes to the growth of the business and professionalism of the industry as a whole.

The door is always open for suggestions on new training items relevant to your day to day activities.

Birthday Shout Out 



Adrian Kleinert
Stuart Mcintosh
Graeme Stepto
Scott Jones
Lenard Richards
Thomas Raymond
Steven Palmer

Traffic Updates 

Live Traffic NSW

Live updates, traveller information and personalised alerts for NSW roads.


Live Traffic QLD

Live updates, traveller information and personalised alerts for QLD roads.


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